I hope that your March weather is better than what we’re experiencing up here in Willmar. Last night we got slammed with a blizzard…in March! These are definitely the days that I miss the Illinois weather.

In an effort to get this out quickly, I’m going to keep this support update brief this month. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the swing of things next month!)

I spent the past two weeks out on the road traveling with our teams. It is customary here for the teams manager to go out about halfway through the teams’ longest tour and give them some encouragement from an outside source. Speaking as someone who recently was on the receiving end of these visits as a team member, it is a great source of encouragement to finish strong. It was such a blessing to be on the other side of things for once.

I left Willmar and headed to Phoenix first (yay warm weather!). I spent a week with the team there and then boarded a plane across the continent to Philadelphia. I spent another week with the team in the Philadelphia area.

Both teams are doing such great ministry and I got to have the tremendous blessing of seeing it first hand. It was also very encouraging to me to see firsthand (again) the blessings that are continually poured out on our ministry by hosts and contacts across the country.

You’re part of that blessing as well: your support of me (prayerfully, financially and otherwise) has enabled me to pour myself into the lives of these young musicians.

Thanks so much for all you’ve done for me!


Big News!

This past month God has been doing so much in my life and in the life of our ministry here at CTI.  Recently, CTI was able to increase the amount of benefits they are giving me to include a base salary, in addition to my support-raising.  I am still raising support to supplement this salary, but having this guaranteed money every month is a huge blessing!

CTI is in the midst of an interim structure following the departure of our former president, David Lanning.  Currently, my direct supervisor, Chris Reed, is acting as the Executive Vice-President.  This means that I have been handling a lot of the day-to-day type tasks, while he focuses on bigger picture things. 

This has been a wonderful time for all of us here at CTI, as we are continually rediscovering why it is that we love this ministry.  One of the main fruits of this rediscovery process has been a more clearly defined vision for our ministry.  Suffice it to say, it’s an exciting time to be here at CTI and the Lord is doing wonderful things through this ministry. 


14:21 heads east on Fall Tour

Early on the morning of November 1st, Team 14:21 loaded up their van to head out for Guttenberg, Iowa, the first stop on their Fall Tour.  From there, they continued to work their way eastward.  They spent time in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.  While in these places the team got to minister in Christian schools, churches, homeless shelters, rescue missions and even a public school!

From Michigan, the team crossed over into Canada.  After crossing the border, they spent almost two weeks ministering to our neighbors to the north.  While there, the team played in a number of different types of venues.  They also saw a lot of CTI alumni along the way. The team also got to have a day off to go sight-seeing, which they took full advantage of, by going to Niagara Falls.  They also experienced the Canadian sensation of Tim Horton’s.

After crossing back over into the United States, the team got to spend American Thanksgiving with the family of one of their own teammates, Christian Harger.  Some of the team members are from warmer southern climates, so they were pleasantly surprised when they had a snowy Thanksgiving. 

Team members report new mindsets, wonderful ministry moments both outside and inside the team, and a new understanding of what it means to be a minister of the Gospel.


Some Life Changes For Paul

Until this point in my employment with CTI, I have been living in an apartment attached to the CTI Office.  As of the publication date of this update, I am in the process of finalizing the details of the purchase of my new home!

As of right now, I am scheduled to close on the place on December 22nd of this year!  Merry Christmas to me!  Of course, nothing is final until the actual closing, but I am hopeful that everything will work out as the Lord wills it!

The whole process of looking for a place of my own has been such a faith-growing experience.  It is impossible to see how things have happened and not give the credit to God.  He is so good and so faithful to me!

Specific Prayer Requests

                       Our Winter Partnership Drive

                       The team members’ travels home for Christmas Break

                       The details of my house closing

                       CTI’s continued restructuring process


14:22 Heads West for Fall Tour 

Team 14:22 started their Fall Tour a little closer to home in nearby Prinsburg, MN.  But within 48 hours they were all the way out in Montana! From Montana they headed all the way to the Pacific Coast, in Seattle.  They even spent a weekend playing concerts on an island in Puget Sound!

From Seattle they worked their way back east, and actually made it into Canada for a few days also!  They ministered in prisons, detention centers, schools, colleges and churches throughout the Northwest. 


How to Support Paul:

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Friendly reminder: This is a tax-deductible gift.  If you are looking for a destination for your year-end giving, consider making a donation to my support account!



The stories told above illustrate God’s never-ending faithfulness to us.  You’ve read stories about team members who have had their lives changed by Grace and shared that Grace with others.  You’ve also read stories about the evidence of God’s Grace in my own life. 


The work that I do, and (indirectly) the work that the team members do, is supported by your generosity so it wouldn’t be possible without your giving! 


Have a blessed Christmas season!  Thanks again for everything!

I get to work with amazing young people who are doing amazing things to fulfill Christ’s Comission to make disciples of all nations!  

Check out the following video blog posts from our teams about their time overseas!  

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