One of our teams recently spent three weeks working with established missionaries in the Philippines.  The team’s presence there gave those missionaries the opportunity to interact with thousands of people.  These interactions, which were often evangelical in nature, might never have occurred if our team had not been there.  The following is an account from one of our team members about one of those interactions:
Carl on Drums

Our drivers in Cagayan de Oro City were not Christians. In fact, I don’t know for certain that they are now, but I know God has had an enormous impact on their lives.  

When we first met them, they were shy and all business. But as each day progressed, and I made it my habit to smile and greet them every time I saw them, I saw their eyes grow brighter, and their smiles wider.

And then Sunday night, I was called on to give the impromptu Gospel presentation for our concert.  As I explained the Gospel I happened to look over at the drivers. I offered up a silent prayer that God would work in them.

John, our contact in the Philippines, told me later that the drivers had finally “understood”. I don’t know what that means exactly, but praise God! If what I said leads to them understanding the gospel, then my entire trip was worth it.

From that night on, the drivers lost all inhibitions. They went out to the crowds and met people with us. They sang our songs with us at the top their lungs, and their smiles grew and grew.  They were becoming our friends.


Why? Because we treated them like friends. We said hi to them, we thanked them, and included them. Praise God. We finally learned to love like our Father wants us to.

-Carl Dernell, Team Member