“The problem with God – or at any rate, one of the top five most annoying things about God – is that He or She rarely answers right away.  It can take days, weeks.  Some people seem to understand this…I, on the other hand, am an instant message type.” – Anne Lamott


Yesterday during our staff devotion time, I shared some thoughts about how and why we pray (or don’t, for that matter).  Recently God has been teaching me a lot about prayer (Mainly through a book by Bill Hybels), and one of the things that I am learning is that one of the main reasons that we don’t pray is that we don’t believe that God is able to do anything about it.  I mean, sure, we say all of the right things, and acknowledge with our minds that God can handle it, but deep down, way below the parts of our consciousness that everyone else sees, we aren’t confident in His ability to come through for us on this one.  We say things like: “God, it’s been so long, and obviously it’s not Your will, so I am going to stop asking.”  Or, “God, You can do miracles, but not for this person, or in that circumstance.” 


Those are lies.


The reality is that God is able.  More than able, in fact. 


So whatever it is that you’re praying about right now that you’ve been waiting for an answer on, don’t give up.  Remind yourself often of the examples throughout the Bible, and your own life, that God proved Himself sovereign over nature.  Remind yourself of the times you’ve seen God accomplish something through you that you never could have done on your own.  Think of the people in your life that God has redeemed from seemingly certain destruction at their own hands.  Above all, remind yourself that God is able. 


And then pray like you believe it.