The other night, I went out with some friends after we got done with worship team rehearsal.  We talked about life, love, the church and laughed a lot.  

Amidst our conversation was a discussion of the upcoming Sunday and the rehearsal that we had just finished.  

Let me insert a parenthetical comment here: The worship team that we are playing on this week is stacked, in terms of musical talent.  

My friend, who happens to be the hardest-working, most talented guitarist I have ever/will ever know, looks at me and says:

“Paul, you know what the best part of Sunday is going to be?”  (I was scrambling mentally: guitar solo?  vocal breakdown? special music?)

“That we get to do what we just did [i.e., sweet musical goodness] with the church…with all the people.”

In the words of Brian Regan: “How true that is!”