Here at work, we have several buzz-words that get thrown around quite a bit.  They are usually started by one person and then adopted by the community as a whole.  Let me give you a few examples, with definitions (and their origins, as best as I know them):

“relational equity”:  This is basically how much buy-in you have with someone, i.e., how much trust you have built up with someone based on your interactions with them.  You can “cash-in” relational equity by asking people to do hard things, or having tough conversations with them.  I believe this one originated from our president.  He uses it a lot during team training seminars.


“soft-edge”: This one comes from a John Graham book on outdoor leadership.  It describes the nuances of a particular issue or task, as opposed to the pragmatic (or hard-egde) aspects of said task.


“bandwidth”: This one refers to the mental capacity that one may or may not have to deal with certain issues at a given time.  It is drawn from the technological aspect of internet usage, and I believe this originated with one of Chris‘ former bosses.  

“debriefing”: This one is the inspiration for this post and, contrary to what might be your intial thoughts about the word, has nothing to do with the removal of anyone’s undergarments.  It is actually the process of processing…experiences.  We have all of our short-term missions teams debrief all of their experiences.  We believe that God can use this process of mentally evaluating the aspects of an experience to teach us and grow us.  

And that’s what I am going to be doing in a few days.  The fulltimers will all be overseas and I will finally have time to process the last month of my life (training, training tour, overseas training week, and overseas departure).  Hopefully you all will be a part of that through this blog.  

Anybody have any specific questions you’d love to hear my thoughts about?  It might help get the ball rolling for me mentally!