August 2008

…for bullet points!  Life is super crazy right now, as the fulltime team members have arrived!  So here is the bullet point update of my life recently:

  • Last Friday I went to the airport to pick up new fulltimers
  • Saturday we spent the day getting to know one another by hanging out at the lake and playing lots of sand sports.
  • Sunday I worked at a produce stand all day!
  • Yesterday we hit the ground running on fulltime training.  We spent the day doing orientation.
  • Today we have Round 2 debriefing day, which is going to be a whirlwind!

That’s about it for now!


My boss has this phrase that he uses when you have reached the point of no return.  He says, “wheels up!”  This was spawned from his experiences leading teams overseas for month-long music missions outreach programs.  The idea is that once the plane’s wheels lift off from the runway, there is no more planning or preparation that can be done.  The only option is to react to what comes your way.

We have just about reached that point with the Fulltime team members coming in for training.  The majority of them will arrive on Friday, but we have one team leader coming in later today.  So it is almost wheels up time!

In other news, I got a copy of 200 pomegranates in the mail today (Thanks Shawn!).  Did you buy your copy yet?

Yesterday, my boss and I decided to spend the afternoon working “off-site” as we commonly say around here.  Naturally off-site for us meant heading to our favorite local coffee shop.  Together, Chris (my boss) being the California boy that he is, and me being the country boy from Illinois, made the decision to enjoy the afternoon out on the patio at the coffee shop.  Keep in mind that our goal in going off-site was to limit distractions so that we could get work done.

Soon enough a middle-aged couple joined us on the patio.  This would have been fine except for the fact that the woman possessed an inability to speak at a volume level commensurate with her surroundings.  In other words, Chris and I could hear every word that she was saying.  Again, this might not have been so bad had what she was saying been something interesting to listen to.  Instead, she spent the next 20 minutes on the cell phone with her mother (I know it was her mother because I could hear every word clearly) describing her recent visit to the podiatrist to explore her…wait for it…bunion.

Add to that a pair of young hipster couples who thought it was cool to smoke in the presence of an infant that they had with them, not to mention the filthy language they were using.

Finally, there was the poor, disabled man who cussed out his malfunctioning bike-lock.

Needless to say, Chris and I spend more time rolling our eyes at each other and squelching laughter than we actually did working.

…who also happens to be my boss.  He writes real good.

You all should check out his latest beautiful expression

of the things that we all feel but cannot put into words.