…to have so much money that you never had to evaluate any purchases you make?  If you are anything like me, your trip to the store goes something like this:

1. Enter the store and find item for which you came to store.

2. On your way to check-out, you notice a shiny object that you would LIKE to have (note I didn’t say NEED to have)

3. You rationalize the purchase of said shiny object, even though you don’t NEED it.

4. You pick it up and continue your march to the check-out, beginning to doubt your justification for the shiny object.

5. While standing in line at the check-out, the doubts become stronger and stronger.

6. You finally realize that it was an impulse that led to you picking up the shiny object, and there is no room for impulses in your budget.

7. You then decide to put the shiny item back, but realize that you are trapped in the check-out chute and there is no hope of getting out until you check-out.

8. You check to make sure no one is looking and place the shiny object behind the chap-stick on the shelf next to the check-out.

9. You buy only what you NEED and then head home, thankful that you came to your senses and your only guilt resulting from the fact that some poor employee is going to find the shiny object and walk it all the way back across the store to its original home.

Sound familiar?  What if you had enough money that you didn’t have to put the shiny object back?  I think it’s a good thing that I don’t have enough money for the shiny objects, because my house would be full of them!