January 2008

…I went home that night thinking that I was foolish for even considering auditioning. I wrote the whole idea off, confident that I would not even receive consideration. I thought they would probably just throw the audition in the trash. But God had other plans.

Little did I know that upon opening my email inbox, I would find an email there from a wonderful woman named Melody (the recruiting director for CTI). She seemed very friendly and informed me that they would like to hear more of what I had to offer musically. Gasp! A second chance!

I ran for the video camera and promptly spent the next several hours crafting a tape that showed what I really could do. The whole time I was thinking about how providential it was that I was given a second chance. There’s that whole saying about God closing a door and opening a window…well I think this time it was more of an escape hatch, to rescue me from that horrible first audition.

I sent off the tape just days before leaving on a missions trip to Guatemala. I was to be gone for just over a week and I just knew that while I was gone they were going to get my tape and give me the terrible news that they had finally officially decided to reject me. So imagine my surprise when I landed in Atlanta (to make my connecting flight) and called my mom:

Me: Hey mom! We’re safely back in the states, just wanted to let you know!
Mom: Oh praise the Lord! I am so happy you made it back safely! Can’t wait for you to get home!
Me: We’ll make our connection to Chicago and then drive home, so I will call you when we land in Chicago.
Mom: Alright, that sounds great. I love you! Oh…by the way, you have a package here from CTI.
Me: (long pause) A package….not just a letter, but an actual package?!

Needless to say for the rest of the trip home I was a flurry of emotions, replaying scenarios over and over in my head. The package was the beloved “yellow forms” which any CTI-er knows is a crucial stage in the application process, but for me it represented the fact that they were at least considering me for this.

I was accepted a few weeks later and the rest is history. And all because I decided to go and check out a band that was coming.

My life will never be the same.

“Trains to Tokyo, staring out windows, a place we’ve never been while soundtracks play in backgrounds to the stories of our lives non-fiction, oh envision, if we never met and what we missed and never really learned…”
– Anberlin, “Uncanny”


I am posting the next installment later this morning…