About two and a half years ago, I was sitting at BASIC at MacMurray College, in Jacksonville, IL. There was a music group there, and I was mesmerized. They told me that I could use my musical talent (if I was good enough to make the cut) to serve God on the mission field. And they were talking to me…and the three other people they recruited that night – but that is beside the point.

After the music group finished playing a wise young man got up and shared an inspiring message based on the text at the end of Genesis chapter 11, verses 31-32 to be exact. Read it. Go ahead…I dare you. You might wonder how anything preached out of that text could be inspiring at all (this was my initial reaction too), but here is the idea: Abram’s ancestors settled in Haran, when they could have kept going and made it to Canaan, the Promised Land. Did you catch it? They settled. That was the point of the message that night: Never settle for something less than what God has promised you because you are afraid or worried about how hard it might be.

The crazy thing is this… I just randomly came across this passage again today in my normal devotional reading. This is probably the first time since that night that I have thought about that passage. It is fitting, given that my time with CTI is drawing to a close. (Yup, as you guessed it, that night 2.5 years ago, I signed up and came on as a full-time team leader for 2 years.)

So, maybe it would be easier to give up and settle where you are, but you might miss out on what God has promised you. It can be yours if you are willing to walk the full distance He asks you to.