I wonder if we have grown so calloused to the injustice in the world around us, that we do not even see it anymore. It is like it does not even exist…out of sight, out of mind.

Or maybe we feel that we are only one person and that we cannot make a big enough impact to make a difference. After all, we cannot change the world by ourselves, right? I

I believe that we can make a difference. Maybe I am just too idealistic. Maybe I am a dreamer. But as Lennon said, “I’m not the only one…”

At this very moment, I am praying for dear friends – actually it would be more appropriate to call them brothers and sisters than friends – that are in Singapore, St. Vincent, and Honduras sharing the love of Christ through musical outreach, and there are 3 teams about to enter training to travel to Mexico, Taiwan, and Guatemala with the same mission. I have a sister in Hong Kong who is sharing the Gospel by building relationships as she teaches English. I have a sister who is in Capetown, South Africa reaching out to the untouchables and helping to overcome just a tiny part of the injustice still there. I have a brother who is sharing Christ by entering into the lives of the forgotten in the impoverished parts of the Mississippi Delta region of the US. I have a brother who is sharing Christ by extending a hand to the homeless in Nashville, when no one else will even look them in the eye. And the list goes on and on and on…

Our efforts are not in vain. We cannot let our hearts grow calloused to the injustice of the world, nor can we be overwhelmed by the enormity of it. Will we stand in the gap for those who cannot on their own?

I do not have much figured out about what it truly means to have the attitude of Christ (Philippians 2:5). But I know that Jesus walked with the tax collectors and the whores and that He touched the lepers when everyone else yelled, “Unclean!”

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