Some events transpired yesterday that shook me to the core. The actual events are discussed in other blogs out there in cyberspace, but the effect of the events is what really hit me.

I have come to learn in the last two years what it truly means to be a leader.


As one of my teammates was laying unconscious on a field yesterday, I could think of nothing more than the fact that I would gladly trade places with her…in a heartbeat. It would be worth it, without a doubt. And I believe that this is the essence of what it means to lead. To serve. To lead in a Biblical manner is to serve. Jesus said it Himself when he declared that the full extent of his love was washing his disciples’ feet.

Oftentimes being a leader is the most lonely place in the world to be. It feels that you are the only one who understands all of the implications of everything that is happening, you are the only one who has the gumption to stand for what’s right, the only one who cares about someone other than himself. And that is a hard place to be. And it seems that the only other people who truly understand are those who have been there before. It seems like you give and give and give and give, and get nothing in return. I firmly believe that this phenomenon is a main catalyst for pastoral burnout. But then something happens and it all seems worth it.

One of the people who you have invested in for the last year of your life calls your name as she is fading into unconsciousness. The only name she can think of, the only person that she wants to make sure is by her side…is you: her leader. Suddenly, you realize that it is all worth it, every single second.

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