“There is absolutely nothing in what Jesus himself or his early
followers taught that suggests you can decide just to enjoy forgiveness
at Jesus’ expense and have nothing more to do with him. />

Some years
ago A. W. Tozer expressed his “feeling that a notable heresy has come
into being throughout evangelical Christian circles–the
widely-accepted concept that we humans can choose to accept Christ only
because we need him as Savior and that we have the right to postpone
our obedience to him as Lord as long as we want to!” (I Call It
Heresy, Harrisburg, PA.: Christian Publications, 1974, p. 5f) He then
goes on to state “that salvation apart from obedience is unknown in the
sacred scriptures.”

This `heresy’ has created the impression
that it is quite reasonable to be a “vampire Christian.” One in effect
says to Jesus: “I’d like a little of your blood, please. But I don’t
care to be your student or have your character. In fact, won’t you
just excuse me while I get on with my life, and I’ll see you in
heaven.” But can we really imagine that this is an approach that Jesus
finds acceptable?”

–Dallas Willard

The cost of discipleship is much greater than we can imagine, but it is in the cost that we find the joy of releasing everything as a sacrifice. When we reach the point that we are willing to engage in any activity asked of us, or disengage in any activity asked of us, we are truly walking in obedience.

The lie that we have been sold is that obedience equals bondage. In actuality when one has experienced the joy of surrender, one truly understands that obedience equals freedom. Freedom is the result, due to the lack of fighting within, of capitulating to the life that Christ has called us to.

Then we may truly say that there is nothing standing in between us and the power of the Resurrection working in our lives.

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