Our time at home (or wherever we chose to spend our break) has come to a close and we are all reassembling in Willmar to kick off our new year together. We are excited about what God has in store for us this new year, and we are anxious to get back to the work that He has for us.

We have all been blessed with great friends and family, and as we say good-bye again, we know that the Lord will keep them in the palm of His Hand until we are reunited.

I would personally like to echo the sentiments of Pedro (National director of YFC Bolivia), by saying thank you to families and friends for letting your loved one go. We often underestimate the sacrifice made by those we love so that we can do the Lord’s work, but you are all definitely our partners in the Gospel! So thanks for supporting us and letting us do the things that we know that the Lord has called us to!

God Bless and have a safe New Year!


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