Hello all. Just settled into my new host home for this full-time year. It is nice to finally be settled somewhere. I have kinda bounced around the last few weeks (albeit to wonderful host homes, just not permanent ones) and now I finally unpacked my suitcases for a few days! It is great.

Today was our photo-shoot for full-time. It seems like that marks the reality that this is going to happen again, and I am really excited for it.

This weekend my team, 14:21, has their first outing of sorts. We are leading worship at a local church, so we will be testing the waters of our stage presence together and lots of other intangibles. Please be in prayer for that.

Hopefully the pics of my new team will be up soon, so check it out at ctimusic.org. Also there should be a web calendar up soon with all kinds of yummy info for those of you around the country that are interested in coming to a show.