March 2006

So, I remember sitting in Willmar just over two months ago thinking ahead to the tour that was staring us straight in the face. 2 and a half months! Are you kidding me. Now we are down to just over a week left and I don’t know where this tour has gone. It is like I just blinked and we went from Iowa to Indiana by way of the east coast. What happened?! I guess it is true what they say about time flying when you are having fun.

Right now we are in northwest Indiana, a place that is very close to my heart, as I have a lot of family that lives very close to here. By next Tuesday we will be in Illinois, and a week from Monday we will be back in Willmar. Things have been great this week. We got to spend some amazing time with Beth’s family in NY, and then made a mad dash from NY to Indiana in a day and half and somehow found time to squeeze a concert in there somewhere.

Things are good. God has really been calling me to deeper and deeper levels of committment lately. I really feel like the cry of the hour is holiness. The Bible says that the pure in heart are blessed because they will see God.

Till next time…


…Pennsylvania that is. We actually just left there this morning. More about that later though.

This week has been one for the ages for me. It has been filled with so much emotion and ministry and so many blessings that I cannot even begin to imagine how it all has fit into four days. Allow me to elaborate:

Tuesday we left Leonardtown, MD and made our way into downtown D.C. There we met up with one of my dearest friends, Crystal. She works at a school in the heart of D.C. We rocked out an afternoon assembly for the kids and then went to an awesome little coffee shop to chill before we played a concert for parents’ night. The kids loved us and went nuts for us both times we played for them. We also got to spend some quality time with them in small group settings. It was such a blessing to us.

After tearing down our gear at the school, we went to our (the guys) host home, which happened to be the home of the principal of the school. It was so great to get to hang out with Crystal again. Wednesday morning we headed back to the school, where we got to hang out with kids a little bit more, before we headed off to PA. After saying farewell to Crystal and the kids we made our way up into the mountains of Pennsylvania to the town of Bethlehem. We played at a great church youth group meeting, had some great recruits, and met our amazing hosts for the next two nights.

After some much needed rest in the morning on Thursday, we headed out to the Monroe County Correctional Facility. We played a concert for the inmates that night. It is so humbling to play in prisons for so many reasons, but especially because this may be one of the only shots that these people have to hear the Gospel. It is crazy for me to think that God trusts us that much that He would allow us to be the bringers of His Word.

That brings us to today, when we headed up to Bullville, NY, the hometown of our very own Beth Russell. We played a concert at one of her home churches tonight and met a lot of her family. They are great people and this is a great little place in the countryside of New York.

God is so good…

It has been an interesting 24 hours for me. In the past 24 hours we played an amazing youth concert, found out that most of my home county was destroyed by tornadoes, and went sight-seeing in Washington D.C.

So, needless to say it’s been weird. Right now we are in a town about 1.5 hours south of D.C., so we headed up to the Nation’s Capitol and checked out the sights. It was a great day outside and we were able to see a lot of stuff in not a lot of time for no cost! That was the best part!

This past week has been pretty busy. We spent time in Delaware, at the home church of a former full time drummer. We also got to play at a really cool church and school. We also got to see Philadelphia for a brief moment, when we took our manager, Chris, to the airport. This week is crazy busy. We head from here to DC, and then to Pennsylvania and then we will be in New York by the end of the week.

It’s hard to believe that in less than three weeks, this tour will be over. Man, it seems like just yesterday when we were talking about how long this one was going to be! Now it’s almost over. Pray for us, as we finish this one up, that we would stay focused on the task at hand.

So last night after our concert, the youth pastor took us out to dinner. After we ate our meals, we got ice cream sundaes. The waitress found out that I was eating everyone’s cherries around me, and brought me an entire bowl of maraschino cherries! Pure bliss. I mean, seriously, what kind of waitress does that. It was so awesome. Quality times.

We are in Bel Air, Maryland right now. We lead worship for three services yesterday at a Methodist church. The evening service was especially awesome. It was really great to lead worship for people who are thirsty for God. It has also been so refreshing to have Chris out on the road with us. It just makes such a difference when there is someone else on the road. Although it does make things slightly more cramped in the van.

Hello all. This morning we are heading to Washington D.C. to pick up our manager, Chris, at the airport. It should be a fun time navigating the van and trailer through that wonderful traffic. Hopefully it won’t be too bad, since we are hitting it an off time.

This past week has flown by. We left Raleigh on Tuesday and headed to Newport News, VA, where we stayed at a modern day monastery. It was a really cool place to be. They just gave us some time to refill our spiritual tanks. We got to be a part of some really amazing services.

We are in Richmond, VA right now. We arrived here yesterday and played at two juvenile detention centers. It was so much fun and it is always such a humbling experience to get to share the hope of Jesus with people who may not have much hope left in anything. After a busy day of loading, unloading, and traveling in-between we were all pretty tired when our host families picked us up. Needless to say, yesterday was very fulfilling and a good reminder of God’s never-ending love for all people.