Tonight is our last night in Florida. I am sitting on my bed at a host home in Fernandina Beach literally in shock about the fact that the Florida section of our Winter Tour is already over. This tour is already almost halfway over! Isn’t that crazy? It is probably not as crazy for you to think about, but for me it is really weird.

So we spent last week in sunny West Palm Beach, FL. We were staying with family of alumni and hanging out with alumni as well. It was a blast. Probably the best part of the week for me was getting to learn a ton of new techniques from one of last year’s full-time drummers. He is an amazing technical drummer and he gave me a whole bunch of ideas and tips to work on improving my overall musicianship. I feel like a three year old again, picking up a pair of sticks for the first time. It is so cool.

We then headed up to Titusville, FL, which is home to the Kennedy Space Center and is near the world famous Cocoa Beach. It is also in the heart of citrus country. We played at a Presbyterian Church on Sunday night and stayed with some great families.

We now find ourselves in the community of Fernandina Beach, which is actually an island community. The church is literally a stone’s throw from the beach and some of the team members are staying in houses where the backyard is composed of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tomorrow we head out for Raleigh, North Carolina, which is the home city to Heidi, one of our vocalists. We are looking forward to an awesome time with her family and her church.