Today, Jon and I helped our host dad build a lean-to for his firewood. It was really great to get to be able to do some “normal” work. Jon and I helped with that while the rest of the team gave Bessie Mae (our van and trailer) a good cleaning and re-organization. She was in desperate need of both.

Last night we played a rocking concert at Woodlawn Baptist Church. Their youth group is doing a series of meetings centered around the concept of “True Love Waits,” which is a campaign for purity. We got to be a part of that and had a really great time with the kids.

This past weekend in the Seminole area was great. We played at church on Sunday morning and then played a pre-Super Bowl party concert. It was a blast and we got to hang out with Jenn Auld, Heidi’s teammate from Mexico this past summmer. She even came up and sang a song with us on stage. Good times.

We have another day off tomorrow, but then we have a jam-packed weekend. It is going to be kind of crazy logistically, so pray that everything works out ok. We had a great team devotional today, which involved us just spending time together as team in corporate worship. It was really good for everyone.