February 2006

That’s right folks. We played a rousing rendition of “Freebird” at Heidi’s church on Saturday night, with the help of their amazing worship team. That concert may have been the most fun I have ever had on tour. The people were amazing and the worship was so geniune. It was definitely a blessing to me.

Raleigh has been great. We had some time off to get shown around the city by Heidi, and then we had a very busy weekend. We played on Saturday night and then tore our stuff down and moved across town to another church where we were going to be leading worship for the youth services on Sunday morning. It was a late night on Saturday and then we had an early morning on Sunday and then a Sunday night concert at yet another church here in Raleigh. I wouldn’t want it any other way though.

After our concert on Sunday night, the youth pastor took us to this amazing steakhouse and treated us to one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. Such a huge blessing! This week we are going to be getting back into some prison ministry so that is something that we could use prayer for, but that we are very excited about.

We are enjoying a day off right now, and then we are heading up to Virginia tomorrow! Life on the road continues…


Tonight is our last night in Florida. I am sitting on my bed at a host home in Fernandina Beach literally in shock about the fact that the Florida section of our Winter Tour is already over. This tour is already almost halfway over! Isn’t that crazy? It is probably not as crazy for you to think about, but for me it is really weird.

So we spent last week in sunny West Palm Beach, FL. We were staying with family of alumni and hanging out with alumni as well. It was a blast. Probably the best part of the week for me was getting to learn a ton of new techniques from one of last year’s full-time drummers. He is an amazing technical drummer and he gave me a whole bunch of ideas and tips to work on improving my overall musicianship. I feel like a three year old again, picking up a pair of sticks for the first time. It is so cool.

We then headed up to Titusville, FL, which is home to the Kennedy Space Center and is near the world famous Cocoa Beach. It is also in the heart of citrus country. We played at a Presbyterian Church on Sunday night and stayed with some great families.

We now find ourselves in the community of Fernandina Beach, which is actually an island community. The church is literally a stone’s throw from the beach and some of the team members are staying in houses where the backyard is composed of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tomorrow we head out for Raleigh, North Carolina, which is the home city to Heidi, one of our vocalists. We are looking forward to an awesome time with her family and her church.

So we arrived at Advent Lutheran Church on Saturday night to set up for our Sunday morning services. After we got done, our contact told us that she was taking us out to dinner. She said to grab a jacket, though, because we would be eating outside and it might be chilly. Little did we know that she meant we would literally be eating on the beach at the Atlantic Ocean. It was so amazing and we honestly did not quite how to react to being blessed so abundantly. It was an interesting feeling to say the least.

We had a great time at the church on Sunday, leading worship in two services and then playing a youth concert later that night. It was really an awesome weekend for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones was that our contact had traveled with a group very similar to CTI in the past. It was great sharing stories with her about life on the road.

Now we are in West Palm Beach. We met up with two members of Heidi’s team last year, and they set up housing for us for the week. It is great down here.

Today, Jon and I helped our host dad build a lean-to for his firewood. It was really great to get to be able to do some “normal” work. Jon and I helped with that while the rest of the team gave Bessie Mae (our van and trailer) a good cleaning and re-organization. She was in desperate need of both.

Last night we played a rocking concert at Woodlawn Baptist Church. Their youth group is doing a series of meetings centered around the concept of “True Love Waits,” which is a campaign for purity. We got to be a part of that and had a really great time with the kids.

This past weekend in the Seminole area was great. We played at church on Sunday morning and then played a pre-Super Bowl party concert. It was a blast and we got to hang out with Jenn Auld, Heidi’s teammate from Mexico this past summmer. She even came up and sang a song with us on stage. Good times.

We have another day off tomorrow, but then we have a jam-packed weekend. It is going to be kind of crazy logistically, so pray that everything works out ok. We had a great team devotional today, which involved us just spending time together as team in corporate worship. It was really good for everyone.