Mondays are such a weird day for me now. For the majority of the tour we just finished, we had Mondays off, which was great considering the fact that Sundays were usually one of our busiest days of the week. Now, however, everyday is busy, so working on a Monday is necessary but still weird reality.

Anyway…we spent the afternoon today getting ready for airport stuff. It’s a pretty complicated process to try to get eight people with a full sound system through customs without them thinking that we are going to sell all of it in Hong Kong. We should be good to go, but that is still a major prayer request.

Yesterday I actually got to go to church just to go to church, and that was amazing. Then my host family took me out for lunch at a nice little place in Spicer. I got a great nap in and then went over to our manager Chris’ house for steaks and some good down time.

We leave for Hong Kong in three days. So strange.