It is at this point in time of ministry with CTI that things have officially gotten hard. Really hard. I mean, life on the road has been tough as it was – missing family and friends, short nights followed by full days, long drives, etc. – but all of the work was mitigated by the incredible things that God was doing and the things that I was experiencing for the first time in my life. Then Monday morning came with a doorbell ring that I will never forget the rest of my life.

That doorbell ring started the film on a series of events that seemed straight out of a movie or a bad nightmare. It was our host dad waking me up to tell me that our trailer had been broken into the night before. So I rushed out to find that about $5,000 of our gear had been stolen by some pretty random thieves. By random I am describing the items that they took. Very random, but effectively eliminating our ability to perform without borrowing equipment or buying new gear. So, we called the cops and filed a report and picked up the pieces of what was left. Then we replaced the things that we could and needed to replace immediately by making a quick trip to the local guitar center. So we will be fine until we make it back to Minnesota, where Chris, our manager, is already working on solutions to our gear needs.

Now here’s the rub…we finally hit rock bottom as a result of this. We are convinced that the Lord has a perfect plan and this is a well-orchestrated part of that plan. However, that does not mean that it is easy to see the purpose in this happening. So your prayers regarding this would be much appreciated, we especially are praying for those who stole our gear that they would encounter God through this somehow.