OK, so bear with me here. I know I’ve basically been off the radar for about the last month, but that’s honestly because I’ve been reevaluating why I blog, why I twitter, etc.

With that said…change is coming in my virtual world. Definitely not today, probably not tomorrow, maybe not this month, BUT…I will return!



I hope that your March weather is better than what we’re experiencing up here in Willmar. Last night we got slammed with a blizzard…in March! These are definitely the days that I miss the Illinois weather.

In an effort to get this out quickly, I’m going to keep this support update brief this month. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the swing of things next month!)

I spent the past two weeks out on the road traveling with our teams. It is customary here for the teams manager to go out about halfway through the teams’ longest tour and give them some encouragement from an outside source. Speaking as someone who recently was on the receiving end of these visits as a team member, it is a great source of encouragement to finish strong. It was such a blessing to be on the other side of things for once.

I left Willmar and headed to Phoenix first (yay warm weather!). I spent a week with the team there and then boarded a plane across the continent to Philadelphia. I spent another week with the team in the Philadelphia area.

Both teams are doing such great ministry and I got to have the tremendous blessing of seeing it first hand. It was also very encouraging to me to see firsthand (again) the blessings that are continually poured out on our ministry by hosts and contacts across the country.

You’re part of that blessing as well: your support of me (prayerfully, financially and otherwise) has enabled me to pour myself into the lives of these young musicians.

Thanks so much for all you’ve done for me!

If you know me well at all, you know that the first (and last) thing I do at work every morning is make a list. At the end of the day, I reconcile the list with what I’ve actually accomplished and make a list of the things that I need to that evening.

I’m leaving for two weeks to go visit our teams: tomorrow I head to Phoenix and then next Thursday I’ll meet up with our team near Philadelphia.

Now imagine, if you will, the size of the list that a compulsive list-make like myself has to make to prepare for a two week business trip.

It’s huge. But I’m powering through it!

Mark Batterson posted a great article about hearing God’s voice today:

“I recently read a fascinating story about a musical trainer who worked with Opera singers who could not hit certain notes within an Octave, even though the notes fell within their vocal range. It was a mystery. The trainer did extensive testing on their vocal chords, but he couldn’t find any reason why they couldn’t hit those notes. On a whim, he tested their hearing. And what he discovered is that these Opera singers could not sing a note they could not hear. The problem wasn’t singing. The problem was hearing…”

Read the rest here.

My work of late

Of late my work here at CTI Music Ministries has been keeping me very busy!  I have taken over most of the day to day management of our current fulltime teams.  This is a great process to get to be a part of.  I get to help play a role in shaping the lives of young musicians who are passionate about the Gospel of Christ.

This day to day management manifests itself in a lot of ways.  On a given day I might do anything from managing road sales inventory to offering encouragement or guidance to a struggling team member, to helping plan for future teams and future tours.  Needless to say, it’s a great mix of things and I am never bored!  I love my job!

CTI in general is moving forward, as always.  We are working hard as a ministry to play our part in fulfilling Christ’s commission to “make disciples of all nations.”  We feel our part of that rests in two main areas: supporting global mission and ministry through the impact of music and developing Christian leadership and character in young musicians.

Thanks for supporting me as I play my part in this exciting work!

Field Report: Team 14:21

Our fulltime teams our currently in the midst of their Winter Tours.  They have been back out on the road for about a month now, and they are becoming road warriors in the amount of mileage they’ve covered.

It brings me much joy to watch team members grow over their time with us.  I thought I’d give you a brief thought from one of them.  This is an excerpt taken from a blog entry posted by Laura Schuh, team leader of team 14:21, regarding being back out on tour after break.

“… I’m so grateful to be back. There’s nothing like a nice, long, relaxing break to remind me of what it is I’m called to do this year. While it was wonderful to be at home, to spend time with friends and family, and to catch up on some sleep, I must admit that I missed our team, our nasty van (though we have a few more weeks before it really gets all that nasty), the many host homes we’ve been privileged to stay with, and the music we all love so much. There is a feeling of utter contentment I get every time I’m on stage (or back at the board)- knowing that I am doing exactly what I was created to do. It’s a remarkable feeling, and I can only pray that I can be aware enough of God’s calling in my life to be in this state all the time. While I realize that I will not always be called to be traveling with CTI, I know that God has a plan for my life, and only by following Him into that willingly will I ever recieve the kind of peace and joy that comes from fulfilling that purpose that God has in my life. I pray this for all of you as well.”

Read more at here.

My Personal Life

As I mentioned last month in my update, I bought a house!  That purchase has been dominating my time outside of the office.  But, I can’t complain, because I feel so blessed to have a place to call my own and go home to after work.  I’m hoping to post pictures of the house to my blog soon, so stay on the lookout for those.

I’ve done a few projects in the house, but nothing too drastic (a few new light fixtures, some painting, etc.) but the majority of the work that I have done at the house has been snow removal.  Yup, you read that correctly.  The house I bought was unoccupied and therefore there were massive piles of snow built-up when I took possession in late December.  It has been quite a bit of work to dig out from underneath the massive drifts.  It’s ok, though, because it’s February now.  Spring is coming soon!

Specific Prayer Requests

Team 14:21, as they minister on the East Coast

Team 14:22, as they minister on the West Coast

My support raising efforts

My new house! (Praise!)

Field Report: Team 14:22           

Here’s an excerpt from another team member, Carrie VanderHorst (Team 14:22).

“BEAUTY. This is the one word that I would use if I was to describe the tour so far. I have seen so many beautiful things. Some of them the nature of God’s creation like the canyons, mountains, and beaches. Other things like the attitudes and generosity of our contacts and host homes. But the most beautiful thing I have seen so far is the body of Christ at work.”

Read more here.

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I am getting so excited about so many things.  Spring is coming, so I will have survived my first winter in Minnesota, which I consider to be no small accomplishment.  We are planning for our summer tours, as well as continuing to support the ongoing ministry currently engaged in by our team members.  I have a wonderful new home, a great job that I love and gracious supporters like you.  Thanks for all you do for me!

A buddy of mine blogged recently about church.  Here’s what he wrote:

“Last night, I checked out a local church in the area. It was refreshing to go some place new and see how another group “does church.” My friend asked me afterward how I liked it, and I told him that it was good, but church services generally don’t impress or disappoint me. What I’m interested in is how they do community. Most people who consider themselves serious Christians attend church in some form, but how many really have a significant experience in community? Most of us are yearning for more authentic fellowship without understanding how to get there…

…I’m seeing that this kind of re-imagining of church is becoming more the “norm” in the lives of Christ-followers who are wanting to go deep in their faith…”

Click here to read the rest of his thoughts on this.

I just finished listening to a podcast by Andy Stanley about decision making. He proposed that we all ask ourselves this question before we make a decision:

In light of my past, present and future, what is the wise thing to do?

I’m trying this out. So far, it’s changing the way I’m thinking about most things.